How can I help?

You’re asking how you can specifically help young people leaving children’s homes? Here you’ll find simple and concrete steps, whether your goal is to provide one-time assistance or engage in long-term involvement!

Become a Patron (@projektpatron).

A Patron helps a teenage girl or boy from a children’s home navigate the transition to independent life. They serve as a stable support system that they can rely on. They offer their time and life experiences on a voluntary basis. They function as a positive role model and guide in everyday activities.

Become a Patron!

Support the Patron program financially (@projektpatron)

Is being a patron not for you? Not a problem at all. Support the Patron program financially. Your money will help train more volunteers and connect them with specific children from children’s homes. We welcome monetary donations of any amount.

Support us!

Offer a position in your company (@nadaniadovednosti)

Become a guide for students in your work environment and life as part of the so-called Career Days. Our students participate in company visits based on their interests and chosen field of study. Accompany the students to these companies and use the time together to share your life story. Are you an expert in your field? Share your knowledge with a group or individual interested individuals (based on specific topics/areas of interest). A work contract, fair working conditions, and an experienced, patient, yet thorough boss can significantly impact the transition of a young person from a children’s home to independent life.

Get in touch with us!

Donate new or retired equipment (@nadaniadovednosti)

Donate new or retired equipment (such as mobile phones, laptops) that we provide to students in our projects or distribute to children’s homes.

Contact us at


Support the Nadání a dovednosti program financially (@nadaniadovednosti)

Support the activities of our organization through your SODEXO cafeteria or through a direct financial donation at


Provide startup apartments (@dejmedetemsanci)

Do you have a vacant apartment and would you be willing to rent it at a lower rent without a deposit? Or are you a company or municipality with multiple available apartments? Housing is one of the most pressing issues that young people have to tackle after leaving children’s homes. It can be the deciding factor in determining the path they take in adulthood.

If you have an apartment for rent, please contact the project coordinator of Pomoz mi do života, Ditta Pospíchalová, at